Masked Porn?

27 09 2012

Something interesting was brought up in my class today. My professor was talking about today’s music and how it was all about sex, violence, drug, abuse, and generally things that weren’t good. And then she said one thing that will stay in my brain for the rest of my life.

“It’s porn in music.” 

Do we ever really listen to what the music we listen to says nowadays? Most of us listen to music now for the beat but do we ever really hear what the words are saying? For example, Akon’s “Body Bounce” has a really nice beat and it’s a really catchy song. If you listen to the words though, you’d realise that it’s actually about sex and how a woman can make her “body bounce” on top of his. 

It’s disgusting once you think about it. I mean, who writes a song about a sex position. 

So just listen to the music you listen to. And for once LISTEN to what it’s saying. Tell me…is the music you listen to just masked porn?