December 21st, 2012

23 09 2012

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t think the world is going to end on December 21st this year. I know that the world is supposed to be hit by an asteroid or multiple natural disasters are suppose to happen at the same time. I just don’t believe it though. 

But I was watching a TV show today that brought up the possibility of the world ending and I thought to myself “What if it did? What if I knew the world was going to end on December 21st? What would I do?”  

I’m not sure what made me think this way (perhaps it was because in the show, I never did find out whether the world ended or not) but I started to ponder. What would I do on December 20th then? Who would I be with? What would I want to say to those I love? Would I even be at home or would I be out partying because there was no tomorrow? 

The first thing I thought of was my friends and family. I would want to spend all my remaining time with them. Throw a bit of a party, tell them everything I’ve always wanted to tell them and remind them of how much they mean to me. I think the second and final thing I would do is go out onto the streets, wait till 12:00 am and kiss a stranger (I’d probably go downtown since I imagine there will be a lot of people). It’ll kind of be like a New Year’s Eve thing where you would kiss someone at midnight. I think I just want to be spontaneous before I die…you know…live a little. I’ll never see that stranger again anyways.  

So now that I’ve told you what I would do, I want to ask you to ask yourself the same questions. What would you do if the world was to end on December 21st? Would you cherish every moment before that? Would you kiss random stranger at midnight? Or do you not believe at all?   




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