Just a Dream

19 09 2012

What I want right now is to be in New York City, living in the penthouse suite of a 6 star hotel in the middle of Times Square watching the snow fall and the millions of people counting down to the new year. But instead, I’m in a second floor dorm room stressing over a pile of homework higher than the empire state with about 20 other people in the rooms around me making as much noise as humanly possible. And it’s only September in my reality.

Sometimes I think dreams are better than reality because you get to do just about whatever you want in them. Sometimes though, reality is better because you wake up from dreams and you realise that it was just a dream. While as if something good happens in reality, its actually happening.

For me, I like dreaming. Sometimes I dream so much I write things down and pretend they’re real. Sort of like how Stephanie Meyer wrote  the whole Twilight franchise from a single dream she had of that meadow scene. Except I don’t get hundreds of millions of dollars for my dreams. I just get a little voice in my head telling me to stop dreaming because my homework is calling again.

The other night, I did have a really nice dream that I never wanted to wake up from. It’s not the New-York-Times-Square-Penthouse-Suite-New-Years-Eve dream but something better. I was sitting in a log cabin (the really long ones) on a big comfy couch with a blanket over me. I was sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace and it was warm. So warm. Maybe it seemed warmer in the cabin because in my dream, there was about 5 feet of snow outside. But it was warm. The kind of warmth you get when you were young and you curled in bed with your parents.

Maybe I miss home. Maybe I’m just stressed. Maybe it’s just been a really long day. But right now I would give anything to be anywhere else but here right now. Even if it is just a dream.




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