Young Again

12 09 2012

When we were all young, we all had dream jobs. For example, some people wanted to be a pilot. Some wanted to be an astronaut. Others wanted to be a princess, or maybe even king/queen of the world. Whatever it was, we all had a dream and the possibilities were endless because we were young.

As we got older though, those dreams changed. People went from wanting to be a pilot to wanting to be a doctor. Others went from wanting to be a princess to wanting to be a lawyer (or whatever earned the most money). Now, when you ask a university kid what they want to be, the majority of them give you one answer.

I don’t know.

I’m not sure what it is but sometime between puberty and graduation, we stop dreaming about the important things. Like goals and careers and family, and we start dreaming about things like that cute person or what Christmas present we want next. So what happens  in between that makes us change from being dreamers to non-believers?

That’s simple. We grow up.

As we all grow up, we stop dreaming because everyone tells us to. They tell us that dreams don’t put food on the table. That dreams don’t pay for school and that dreams are for children. But isn’t dreaming what got us here in the first place? Dreams of being a princess made us work hard on our writing in kindergarten. Dreams of being a doctor made us work hard in high school. Dreams of changing the world and doing something with our lives made us go to university or college.

As we grew up though, we put our dreams in a little box in the back of our minds and focus on more important things, like social media and friends and getting the best grade but not looking like a geek. When we finally get to university, we realise that it’s really time we can be whatever the hell we want. There are numerous opportunities to make a different or change a life.

But the little box with all our dreams has long been lost. We don’t remember them any more. We don’t remember that we wanted to be a pilot or a lawyer. So what do we?

We say I don’t know, and we make new dreams because we’re young again and the possibilities are endless.




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